Apologies again

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APOLOGIES AGAIN Once again, apologies for the newsletter being late. Jean duly went through a five and a half hour operation with two surgeons in February, who proudly announced that they had successfully removed everything in there that was not deemed necessary. Let’s hope they are right in their assessment. Recovery is slow, at best, […]

Christmas greetings

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CHRISTMAS GREETINGS In the absence of reindeer, we share this image for the festive season. It seems that Burchell’s zebra can interbreed with a donkey – which is what happened here. Grevy zebra, on the other hand are only known to interbreed with horses, the result being known as a zebroid. Photo: Andrew Nightingale. We […]

Many Apologies

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MANY APOLOGIES It is with great regret that we have to say that Jean will not be attending the Wildscreen festival in October this year. This will be the first one she has missed since 1988. Unfortunately she will be on a course of chemotherapy, and has received advice that she should not fly. On […]


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It was Kenya Airways which broke the news that in a last minute change of heart has Kenya’s Department of Immigration installed separate desks at the main airport of Nairobi to apparently facilitate visitors coming to the country who failed to secure an e-Visa in time of else failed to apply for one online in […]

We apologise

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We apologise for the June newsletter appearing very late on the website. This was due to Jean being unexpectedly admitted to hospital at the end of June. After a two week sojourn, she returned home and is now doing well, though suffering the side effects of steroids. The doctors are optimistic that they have correctly […]

Out of the Ashes

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There has been much activity around Westgate, the shopping mall that was destroyed in September 2013. Rocket holes in the walls have been repaired, bullet shattered windows have been replaced, and vehicles have been busily going in and out.  We are told the building will open again in July. How many customers will want to […]