Kenya wildlife service reduces entry fees

Posted on Posted in March 2016, News

Kenya Wildlife Service entry fees into National Parks have been slightly lowered.     With the reduced number of tourist visitors to Kenya over the last two or three years, it was widely considered that the entry fees into the most popular parks were too expensive.   It was also agreed that the entry rate for students under 18 was punitive.  The non-resident rates for the period 1 March to 30 June 2016 are as follows:

US$ Old rate New rate
Adults Under 18
Amboseli and Nakuru 90 70 40
Tsavo East and West 75 60 40
Meru and Kora 75 60 40
Aberdares 65 60 30

From 1 July it is planned that further reductions will be announced, and VAT on conservancy fees will be removed.  We wait and see..

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